We are in the Air, goddamn, we are everywhere
Up Ain't Down and Down Ain't Ground
Our Range of Options is Narrowing
Get Some Prayers because the Umbrella Ain't Gonna Cut it
The First Kiss of the Dawn
Our Doom Will be an Accounting of the Small
Carbon Cloud
Simultaneous Spectacle
Sunrise in the Anthropocene
Ain't No Harmony Ain't No Daytime
No Relief with the Dawn
Extinction Spectacle
God's Maw Entrapped by Its Own Spectacle
Dis/Order/Where is my Mind?
Inside Inside
Star Gazing
Prepare/Gestation/The Sky's the Limit/The Final God will be Born in the Sky
The Spectacle Consumes All Time
To Slumber in the Bliss of the Waning Hours
Sunset/Relief/Don't Pay the Weather Any Mind
Foggy Night in the Blue Ridge Mountains
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